I'm trying to use different expressional form to illustrate the reflection of  subconscious.

I Do Pyrography. 

Spirit of travel.



electric poker, cowhide



“Automatic drawing” has always been my experiment of artistic creation which is inspired by the theory of Jung- “Automatic writing”. Represent subconscious, life experiences, memories and dreams by using dynamic drawing style that broken the concrete object and recombine to be abstract construction. Usually I draw directly on the paper without any layout or draft. Every symbol in the drawing can be connected each other at random and create new pattern or atmosphere.


As for me, the spirit of travel is self-exile, review and adventure.


While people trying to describe the feeling of travel, they usually keep the memorable remembrance and avoided mentioning unfavorable memory. From my point of view, the most important part of automatic drawing is represent all feelings completely. Concrete memories and feeling of past journey to lots of patterns and present these recombinations on different mediums.


Suitcases to travel, is like shoes to walk. It is a carrier and also a portal of in and out. You need to make a lot of decisions during the journey. What should I put in? What should I take out? Should I keep some space for next day? It is the moment for me to review my own life. The suitcase won’t have anything left after every journey. Instead of gadgets, we store up atmosphere of travel in the empty suitcase and leave it until next pack up. We bring not only needed stuff but also travel experiences for every journey.


The reason why I chose leather to be the main medium for my art work is back everything to the beginning and then restart a new journey with new innovative thinking. In the meanwhile, I also use poker to burn marks on the leather that is a very original drawing skill as well.  Pyrography and monochrome can help me concentrate attention on withdraw memory from subconscious. It is not only an absolutely personal moment that I can review myself,but also a chaos moment that full of question, challenge and revolution.

The recording of drawing process.




electric poker, leather







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