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Interactive Illustration book

Mr. Q's Bunny Friend

This illustration book represented a story about a magician who has trouble in completing a hat trick with his bunny friend and travels worldwide, seeking a solution to this problem. Well, it is obviously a positive story that tells people should face their problems and try to solve them instead of escaping, but the hidden message I put in the story is the fear of growing up. Children explore their knowledge of the world in the progress of growth usually with a sense of insecurity. Even the street next block for them is full of mysteries, and they feel like they are playing the role of Columbus. The hidden messages I put in the story are trying to symbolize the negative consciousness, and it also connects to the collective unconsciousness because all humankind experiences a similar development during growth.The story format is a kind of friendly expressional form that is easy for any age to read. Moreover, there is a good possibility that this could be associated with art therapy. Maybe it is not like medicine that can actually cure any particular mental disease, but at least the confusion of growth can be changed and influenced unobtrusively and imperceptibly. There are more storybooks that will be illustrated according to this concept.

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