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Illustration show

Illustration exhibition, invited by Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Co., Ltd.



Geisai Taiwan


Exhibition in 2012.

Camberwell college


Final show



acrylic, ink pen, ceiling




The exhibition of Geisai Taiwan#2  in 2011.



ink pen, illustration book,

book form installation



The concept of this exhibition : Turn on the book rather than just read.


Usually I draw directly on the paper without draft. Every page in the illustration book of this show can be connected each other at random and create new pattern or atmosphere. At the same time, I am trying to connect with audiences by using this kind of interactive expression form.


In this show, I took order to drawing what the audiences want by using my illustration style. They just gave me 3-5 keywords, and I translated into monochrome and draw directly on the illustration book they bought, and made this book special for the audiences.

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