Automatic Drawing

I draw automatically. 


The concept of these drawing is basically from Jung's theory- “Automatic writing”, then was rebuilt in the style of drawing.


“Automatic Drawing” which represents subconscious, life experiences, memories and dreams by using dynamic drawing style. Meanwhile, the outside stimulations will be deconstructed and recombined as abstract constructions. Therefore, symbols are shown as symbolic representations with random, surreal and organic appearance.



「自動繪畫」是一直以來的創作實驗,主要的概念來自於哲學家榮格(JUNG)所提出的「自動書寫」(Automatic writing) 理論,不同的是改以繪畫取代書寫,在畫面中將生活經驗、記憶和夢境等元素從潛意識中再現,支解碎形原本物體的形像,重新組合在畫面之中,以不預先打稿的方式直接進行自動繪畫,讓畫面所呈現的內容更純粹、更不加修飾的原始衝動,而且隨著不斷延伸的畫面,不斷隨機重新組合出新的圖案及情境,繪畫過程中的自我體驗將轉換成畫面上的具體及抽象融合的圖像,所以最後呈現的畫面是有機、超現實而且帶有象徵意義。

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