An enthusiastic and creative individual with ten years’ experience in the illustration, graphic design and art industry who is seeking a new challenging career or interesting cooperation. My excellent design and artistic skills have provided my clients with creative ideas and design service. I am seeking a new challenge in the world of creativity and hoping to grow my digital portfolio and design experience within an innovative, exciting team.

About me

2015- 2017

Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

Art and Design Research


2007- 2008

Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London  

Graphic Design, Master


1998- 2002

National Chiayi University,  Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Bachelor of Art Education

Major in Art Education / Fine Arts

Education Background

Chao-Yi Chung is not only an experienced illustrator and graphic designer but also an enthusiastic independent artist based in the UK.


Chung studied fine art and art education in University, attending University of the Arts London and received the Master degree in graphic design in 2008. After years of labour in his chosen field, illustration, painting and art making. He moved to Edinburgh and conducted research on art and design at Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh in 2015. Since he studied in the art and design related subjects, he has always focused on improving creative ideas, painting skills and design techniques.


As an art director, Chung enjoys being part of a successful and productive team. He has a great eye for detail and the ability to capture the attention of the viewer with visual designs. He not only provides creative ideas for his clients but also helps them to identify problems and solve them in any situation. Quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, developing innovative and creative solutions for immediate problems.


As an illustrator, he specialises in various spheres such as children’s book illustration, character design, digital illustration, peculiar illustration, book design and commercial illustration. He has been producing works for numerous picture books and magazines, the design company and web promotional campaign for years. He adapts to changes quickly, open to constructive criticism and willing to make changes in the illustrations. And also, he adapts different drawing styles in order to meet the demands of the client.


As an independent artist, Chung describes his painting and artistic style as ’Automatic Drawing’, characterised by its spontaneity. He proceeds without any preparation or preconceived composition. In his paintings, he visualises his subconsciousness and life experiences, turning them into twisted lines, graphical fragments and recognisable symbols. All of the fragments in the painting can be linked with counterparts in Chung’s memories or life experiences, triggering certain emotions such as joy, sadness, fear and desires. 


Chung dedicated his career and life to the field of art and design, improving the aesthetic value of life. He is able to grasp new ideas quickly and to work excellently on own initiative and use creative concepts to develop innovative and creative solutions for immediate problems and client’s request. It is certain that he has all the qualities of precise observation and interpretation that you'd look for in any great illustrator, designer and artist.